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I Shut my eyes in order to see. Coz the depth of feeling

is more important then the depth of field.. 


Fräckeye Studio was established in 2015 by Gordon Lund and ”Fräck” stands for “bold & audacious” in swedish.

Originally Born in Hong Kong. Gordon spent his formative years in Sweden expanding his visual horizon. Education and life in Scandinavia shaped a strong foundation for his artistic and creative expression today.


Returning back to the fast-paced and dynamic Hong Kong with overloads of contents and media feeds that requires fast delivery in quantity,

Gordon persistently deliver vivid images with storytelling concepts, impactful visuals and skillfully crafted artwork with strong emotions.

He believes that High-end quality deliveries is never an accident but the result of intelligent effort together with passion and dedication..

His style is contemporary and vibrant, ranging from clean & minimal to conceptual with fine details.


After dedicating years in the advertising & fashion industry across Asia in various positions, his combination of multi-platform talents with mix cultures made Gordon gravitate to being a leading light as one of Asia’s most innovative image-makers. Gordon enjoys the process of each art making and inspired by talented people he works around with.

His artwork is often showcased in billboards, shops, digital medias and for global brands over the years.

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