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In the closing of my eyes, a new vision awakes,
Where depths of feeling surpass what sight can make.
For within the heart's chambers, a world unfolds,
Where emotions speak volumes, more than sights behold.


Fräckeye Studio, founded in 2015 by Gordon Lund, embodies the essence of boldness and audacity, as symbolized by the Swedish word "Fräck." Born in Hong Kong and shaped by his formative years in Sweden, Gordon's visual journey expanded his horizons and laid the groundwork for his remarkable artistic and creative expression today.


Returning to the vibrant and fast-paced environment of Hong Kong, saturated with an abundance of content and media feeds that demand rapid delivery in large quantities, Gordon consistently delivers captivating images infused with storytelling concepts, impactful visuals, and meticulously crafted artwork that evokes strong emotions. He firmly believes that achieving high-end quality in his work is not a mere accident but the culmination of intelligent effort, fueled by passion and unwavering dedication.


Gordon's style is a reflection of the contemporary world, brimming with vibrancy and versatility, ranging from clean and minimalistic compositions to conceptual pieces adorned with intricate details. 


Having dedicated years to the Advertising, fashion and branding industries across Asia, occupying various positions, Gordon's diverse talents across multiple platforms and his exposure to different cultures have propelled him to become a leading luminary in Asia's realm of innovative image-making. Gordon derives inspiration from the talented individuals he collaborates with, cherishing the creative process of each visual artwork he produces.


Over the years, Gordon's extraordinary photography has graced billboards, shops, and digital media platforms, capturing the attention of global brands seeking to convey their messages with visual allure.

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