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Educational PROJECT


                                          ( Fashion & Product image Creation & process course ) 

Gordon Lund was invited as guest lecturer for 2 professional photography courses at the HKDI for local design students. 

HKDI - Hong Kong Design Institute  is funded by the government and the school's photo studio facility and equipment are known to be the best in Hong Kong.

The 3 months teaching experience was very satisfying, as sharing your knowledge and inspiring others is a learning process in itself. This was the first time Gordon experienced to supervise shooting projects with design Students.

Great feedback was received from the School for students final coursework . Specially thanks to Hasselblad camera, Arte Madrid and Linn jewelry as the course material sponsors.  

Jewellery Students hard work has been rewarded with beautiful images For their portfolio. Here is the  showcase of their final project from Ideas development to the final artwork... 

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