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Early Psychosis Foundation



The Charity has agreed to Launched a 3D Lenticular Photo Exhibition in Time Square Hong Kong as a Kick-start for the awareness Campaign.

Gordon Lund was honoured to have this opportunity to support the charity at the same time having his solo exhibition supported by 13 Kind hearted and fitmind celebrities.


It has been proven that Yoga can help early psychosis

patients to improve their ilness. Episo has invited 13 Celebrities who are expertise in yoga to promote the sport and delivering the message to the public through actions. 



A first ever 3D Lenticular Photo exhibition for Charity was held in the heart of the city. 

The moving 3D images has attracted many 

 to stop by. Not to mention 13 Celebrities

are beautifully captured in Black and white and

audience could clearly see the Sweat running down the celebrities face in the photos.

All Images has been auctioned on ebay

and raised money for the charity to help the needs. 


Fashion Photographer Gordon Lund, alongside with the featured celebrities and Charity Board members at the opening ceremony as the

kick-start of the awareness campaign follow by series of activities and mass Yoga event.

The Media coverage of the opening press event was 

tremendously Successful.



Behind the scene video from the photo shoot..

Feel the joy and sweat from 

a team of talented people offering something more Valuable than just a beautiful image.. .  

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